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Chasen Shreve Being a Mediocre Loser Saved The New York Yankees Season

Chasen Shreve for Luke Voit might go down as one of the best trade in New York Yankees history and one of the worst in St. Louis Cardinals history. But you can’t even blame the Cardinals for this move. Who knew that a 6’3 225-pound linebacker would be able to hit home runs at the Major League level?

Honest mistake.

At the time of the trade, Chasen Shreve had an ERA of 4.26. He had a WAR of -0.2 which is just a cruel statistic. ‘Wins above replacement’ should bottom out at 0. Once you start throwing negatives out there you start to feel bad about how garbage a player is.

Oh, he also gave up 8 home runs in 38 innings pitched. Jacob deGrom gave up 10 home runs this entire season in 217 innings pitched.


Enter Luke Voit who bat .333 with 14 homers and 33 RBIs since putting on the pinstripes. With Greg Bird forgetting how to play baseball and Tyler Austin shipped off to Minnesota, there was a huge hole at first base and Luke Voit bench-pressed his way into the starting lineup.

Fast forward to the Wild Card Play-in Game and Luke Voit punches a 2-run triple against the wall that nearly collapsed the Yankee Stadium bleachers. That’s how hyped the Bronx was. The Richter scale was off the charts.

Luke Voit can make a triple off the wall feel like a walk-off grand slam.

Here’s what he had to say after the Yankees beatdown of the A’s:

“I’m just a Missouri boy, never thought I’d be playing for the Yankees and now I’m playing on the center stage of the world. I’m having the time of my life and taking no regrets.”

Not sure what he means by that ‘taking no regrets’ line but that sounds like a man who is swatting home runs to Jupiter and then sliding into DMs on the plane ride home. Let him. Luke Voit is so good that he is quite frankly ending Greg Bird’s career before it really started. Everyone open your DMs to Luke. He’s earned it.

Thank you Chasen Shreve for being the worst pitcher on the 25-man roster but being juuuuust good enough that a team would want to acquire a lefty out of the bullpen. The perfect level of mediocrity is what gifted the Yankees Luke Voit.

You are a hero, Chasen.



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