Charlotte Hornets Trade For Dwight Howard For No Reason

There are NBA trades happening left and right every day now and I love it. After an awful NBA playoffs where there were only like, 5 close and interesting games, the offseason has become the most exciting time in sports.

Danny Ainge traded the first overall draft pick to run the 76ers out of their future thus ending the process. Magic Johnson traded snitch ass D’Angelo Russell for Brook Lopez. So obviously, Michael Jordan had to jump on the phone and make a deal.

Unfortunately all he could do is swing Dwight Howard, the least desirable player in the NBA. Javale McGee had a bigger impact last season than Dwight Howard. Look out for Kemba Walker and Dwight Howard to team up and end up with the 10th best record in the Eastern Conference.

Shout out to Atlanta for getting their hands on Miles Plumlee and Marco Belinelli. That’ll make sure Paull Millsap resigns with the team. In all honestly, Millsap definitely said ‘trade Dwight Howard or I’m not coming back’ but I guarantee Millsap doesn’t come back regardless.

This trade was a wash.





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