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5 Changes The New York Yankees Need To Make To Win The 2021 World Series

Not only did the New York Yankees not win the World Series, they failed to get out of the second round. Again. As they seem to do every single year since winning it all in 2009. It’s super fun to watch this team win 100 games a year and then lose in the playoffs to inferior teams.

Here are 5 changes the New York Yankees need to make to win the 2021 World Series:

1. Sign a starter

Luis Severino and James Paxton will most likely be back next season. Gerrit Cole is still one of the best pitchers in baseball. One would assume they plan on bringing back Masahiro Tanaka. And none of that matters because by the time they get to the playoffs, assume at least one out of those four will be gone and that’s when you end up with that shitty Game 2 with Deivi Garcia pitching 1 inning only for JA Happ to come in and get SMOKED.

Jordan Montgomery proved he could deal when need be and Deivi is still only 21 years old. And I do not trust anyone I just named except Gerrit Cole. Luis Severino hasn’t been an Ace in almost two years.

I don’t care if it’s Jon Lester or Jake Arrieta or Cole Hamels, I want someone with playoff experience that can eat innings and not be named JA Happ. Fuck Trevor Bauer though.

2. Sign a Lefty

didi gregorius captain

You watch the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have total flexibility entering every game as they can build perfect lineups to matchup with the opposing hitters and the biggest move the Yankees have is maybe playing Clint Frazier against lefties instead of Brett Gardner.

This lineup is so right-hand dominant that they can be shut down so easily. The only pressure that a right-handed top tier Ace faces is Aaron Hicks and uh, nah, that’s not a threat.

What if I told you that the Yankees should re-sign Didi Gregorius to play shortstop bringing a lefty bat and a far more steady glove at short than Gleyber. Move Torres to second. DJ to first. Luke Voit to another city for perhaps that starter they desperately need.

3. Stop playing with Gary

gary sanchez

Gary Sanchez is 27 years old and is coming off his 4th career season. He is already historically one of the best hitting catchers in MLB history and this organization keeps playing with this man like he is the sole cause of all their problems.

As long as he still has arbitration years, it makes no sense to think about trading him away and watching him flourish in a different jersey with a better hitting coach that teaches him to hit singles instead of swinging for the fences. At what point does this organization take responsibility for their young players failures? Never? Ok. RIP Greg Bird.

4. Change the philosophy

This goes directly with my previous critique. It’s impossible to watch the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros slap the ball all over the park and easily score runs one after another without being jealous of the magic of the ‘base hit’.

The only player on the Yankees roster capable of just slapping the ball into the gaps is DJ LeMahieu while everyone else is literally pulling muscles and spending months on the injured list trying to hit home runs to the moon. Just hit singles. I swear you’re allowed.

Also, don’t super love the amount of rest these players get for no reason. Now, I am 1000% pro worker’s rights and think we should get infinity days off but if resting players is meant to avoid injuries and you consistently lead the league in injuries then perhaps it’s not working and you’re just punting on games and getting players out of rhythms and into slumps for no reason.

But what do I know? I’m just a guy who has won as many World Series titles as the Yankees have in the last decade.

5. Murder Aroldis Chapman

aroldis chapman

Fuck this guy.



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