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Chad Pennington is Mentoring Baker Mayfield Sooo Baker Mayfield Will Be Out of the NFL By the End of the Year

Cleveland Browns threw away the first pick of the 2018 NFL Draft by selecting a player that they could’ve traded down for but instead, decided to give the keys of the franchise to the smallest quarterback in the draft who wasn’t even good enough to get a scholarship at Oklahoma.

I’m not in any way rooting against Baker Mayfield but when you look at the other quarterbacks available in that draft, Mayfield was the most Tim Tebow-ish of the bunch. Tim Tebow plays minor league baseball now. Mayfield better be hitting the batting cages after practice.

If you were on the fence about whether or not Baker Mayfield would have any chance to succeed with the Browns, you can pretty much write him off as a failure now that Chad Pennington has taken him under his broken wing.

Here is a little bit of the knowledge that Chad Pennington is dropping on Mayfield presumably sitting in a seat turned backward:

“My first piece of advice came from a place of transparency and honesty in saying that, ‘Baker, you have to remember who you are,’” Pennington told Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon-Journal. “‘And that is a guy who was a twice walk-on in college, and without your work ethic and your talent, you would probably be a [graduate assistant] somewhere coaching.’”

The goal is to get Mayfield to “keep that edge about [him], or this game and the entertainment value around this game will eat a player up and spit him out.”

Pennington has cautioned Mayfield to shy away from some of the pre-draft projects he embraced, including a nine-part Facebook documentary.

“[O]nce you believe you’re an entertainer, not a football player, your time is going to be limited in this league,” Pennington told Ulrich. “We talked about keeping it strictly about football, eliminating some of those distractions. I certainly understand the business side of building your brand, but like I tell all the rookies I speak with, your brand is not how many followers you have on Twitter and friends on Facebook. Your brand is how you work and how you treat people, and if your work ethic is right and you treat people right, your brand will be built the correct way.”


Ah yes, Pennington is an expert in having sooo much off the field attention. Mayfield has come to the right place.

We all remember reading about Pennington in Page Six as he was constantly caught in precarious situations throughout town when he played for the New York Jets. If anyone can help Mayfield understand putting aside your strong personal brand, it’s Pennington, the Playboy of East Rutherford, New Jersey.

My favorite part of this story is that you know for a fact that Pennington initially texted Sam Darnold and tried to be the mentor for the new Jets franchise QB1 but Darnold asked ‘who’s this’ and when the response was ‘Chad Pennington’ he screenshotted it, sent it to his friend’s group chat so they could all get a good laugh and then blocked the number.

The Browns stink.





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