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Chad Green Needs To Never Throw a Baseball Ever Again

Chad Green is 0-2 with a 16.43 ERA. He’s allowed 15 hits and 14 earned runs in just 7.2 innings of work. On Tuesday night, Green came into the game in the 8th inning of a game where the Yankees were up six runs. Green got one out. Dope. Oh, he also gave up four fucking runs and nearly lost the game in which the team dominated the entire time.


In 2017, Chad Green went 5-0 with a 1.83 ERA. He had 103 strikeouts in 69 innings (nice). Fast forward two seasons and every time the ball leaves this man’s hand, it ends up in the upper deck.

Here’s what Green had to say about his struggles this year:

“I am not executing pitches, that is the bottom line,” Green said Tuesday. “It’s really bad so far.”

You know what Chad? I concur. It has been really bad so far.

The Yankees came into the season with the best bullpen in baseball on paper after signing Adam Ottavino. With the addition of Ottavino, the Yankees literally had 4 closers on their roster, not including Chad Green.

But with Zack Britton off to a slow start and Dellin Betances injured as hell, the team needed Chad Green to step up as a set up man to throw scoreless innings for Aroldis Chapman to come in and close it out.

Andddd now Green is a minor leaguer. It’s never a great sign for your career when Luis Cessa is a better option out of the bullpen. You are officially a bum at that point.

It doesn’t matter if Green goes down and pitches well against hitters who aren’t good enough to play major league ball. That man must never again play in pinstripes. Find a way to give him whatever rare injury disease that Jacoby Ellsbury has and put him on the 60-day IL for the rest of his career.

Get Chad Green OUUUUUT of here.

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