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Celebrate Your Coworkers Success The Way Luka Doncic Does

What Happened?

Find you a coworker that celebrates your success the way Luka Doncic does.

Dennis Smith Jr. had a monumental game against the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday night that saw Patrick Beverly dive on his face and knock DSJ’s front tooth out of his head only for Smith to preserve the win at the end with a monster block in the paint.

The Mavs would beat the first place Clippers 114-110 with Doncic on the sidelines nursing a hip injury. Sitting on the bench didn’t prevent Luka from having the time of his life watching his teammates succeed.

Harrison Barnes had 30 points and 9 rebounds. DeAndre Jordan had 16 points with 23 rebounds. Even JJ Barea dropped 24 on LA’s heads. And Luka Doncic turned into that gif of Jonah Hill screaming in excitement.

Everyone be nice to your coworkers today and follow Luka’s lead. If it’s someone’s birthday, blow up balloons like you’re trying to give a puppy CPR. The new girl Alyssa tells you she had a great date on Friday night, you better shout ‘YAAAAS’ or go home.




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