CBS Paid Tony Romo A Bajillon Dollars To Cramp Himself in the Booth

On Sunday afternoon’s highly contested game for NFC East supremacy between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants, Dak Prescott attempted to scramble for a first down and was bundled up like a handkerchief resulting in him sitting on the ground holding his foot over his head asking for help.

CBS Sports announcer and former Cowboys QB who lost his job to Dak Prescott, Tony Romo, had no idea what was happening on the field.

“You just gotta hope it’s a cramp”. I thought the same thing, Tony. I hate when I go a few hours without drinking water and my limbs twist entirely around and my joints snap. You really need to stay hydrated out there.

Your standard 4-6 month cramp.

But let’s quickly talk about how this affects Dak and them boys. Dallas was still able to beat the Giants with Andy Dalton behind center which probably says more about the Giants and less about Andy but this is the division they play in. Andy Dalton steps in and is immediately the best QB in the NFC East. Cowboys can walk into the playoffs just beating down on Philly, Washington and New York.

Pre-cramp, Dak Prescott had 1,690 passing yards through 4 games which is insane. He was on pace to throw for 6,760 yards which would’ve been a new NFL record. Obviously. That’s no longer on the table. Obviously.

Dak is currently playing on a franchise tag after he was unable to agree to a deal with the Cowboys in one of the most excruciating contract negotiations in sports media history. Every show on ESPN or Fox Sports opened up with a debate about how much Dak should make. I’m pissed just remembering it.

But by signing the franchise tag, Dak Prescott has no guaranteed money coming his way after this season. He left his foot on the field and now has to enter the offseason in a wheelchair begging the Cowboys for more supper.

Football is the best.



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