Cash Me Outside Girl Has Had the Cops Called to Her House 51 Times in the Last Year

Is anyone having a wilder year than the Cash Me Outside girl? One second, you’re being an obnoxious 13-year old disrespectful garbage human and the next second you’re an internet meme and you’re putting food on Dr. Phil’s plate.

Well, just in case you thought this girl was only pretending to be a psychopath, apparently the cops are that bitches house like, every other night for literally every single reason possible. Shout out to her mom, Barbara Ann, who has lost complete control of all aspects of her life.

I hate being that guy but I took a few psychology classes so I’m an expert. This 1000% is the result of her not having a dad, right? Like we can all agree that there is a gigantic elephant in the room and it’s the fact that there isn’t a Mr. Barbara Ann.

I guess part of me respects her for backing up her talk. She will literally cash you outside. Howbowdah.


Sidenote: I know I can easily Google the cash me outside girl’s real name but then I’d have to face the reality of the fact that there is a 13-year old girl pretty much running the internet and destroying her families lives. I’m going to just continue calling her ‘that bitch’ til forever.





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