cash me outside girl dad

In Shocking News the Cash Me Outside Girl Dad Has Emerged From the Shadows

A new contender has entered the fight. The Cash Me Outside girl, who is famous for being a disrespectful trash bag of a girl, apparently has a father. NO ONE saw this coming. Howboudah.

Well not only does that girl have a father somehow, but he has set up a Gofundme in order to regain custody of his evil spawn. Here’s what’s wild about that fact that he has to crowd fund this custody battle, her mother seems like she has never spent time with that girl or given her any positive reinforcement in her life.

How shitty must this dad be if the mother has custody? The mother doesn’t beat the cash me outside girl enough, I assume the dad does it too frequently. If only they could find that perfect balance called ‘parenting’ that most people seem to have a pretty firm grasp on.

This is obviously just the dad trying to get some of that cash me outside cash but hey, I’ve said it a bajillion times, ABS: always be scamming. Round of applause to this guy getting free money on Gofundme for being the father of an autistic celebrity. Always. Be. Scamming.








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