Casey Anthony Was At an Anti-Trump Rally This Week

Wait, is that what you were to a Trump protest or was Casey Anthony on the way to rave and there happened to be a rally across the street. I mean, I’m not into celebrities getting political but it’s good to know where Casey stands.

There are so many levels of irony to this moment that I’m having an extremely difficult time wrapping my mind around this nonsense.

Donald Trump is sooo hated that murderers are coming out of the shadows to stand up against him. I’m literally stuck in the weirdest position where I have to choose a side between Trump and Casey Anthony. I guess this is how the whole world felt when Hitler and Stalin went to war.

Is anyone surprised that Casey Anthony is pro choice? She is the exact poster child for everyone who’s pro life because of her suuuuuper late term abortion.Yikes.

Look, I love seeing her get out and be politically proactive but like, hey, we’ve got this. Maybe just stay inside and fill out some online petition. Maybe involve yourself in some anonymous forums and help spread the word that way but yea, not a great look to have you on the front lines.



Sidenote: How the fuck was this woman not guilty?





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