Carson Wentz is the Worst Quarterback in the NFL

The Philadelphia Eagles play in the worst division in sports and have managed to win just 3 games on the season to tie for first place with Washington and New York—two teams that have a fraction of the talent that Philly has. Blame Carson Wentz.

The man who is leading the NFL in interceptions, fumbles and sacks. In 2017, Wentz was 1st-team All-Pro. In 2018, the NFL Network ranked him the third-best player in the entire league. In 2020, he is the worst player in the sport.

His 14 interceptions are 2 shy of his career-high of 16 that he reached in his rookie season. His 40 sacks taken are already a personal high and there are 6 more games to play this year as he drops back and stares down receivers with zero pocket awareness including this past Sunday when he took a sack in his own endzone thus rewarding Cleveland a safety and the ball back.

Also my favorite stat is that Carson Wentz has 58 career fumbles which is the most by any player since he entered the league in 2016.

Remember when everyone shit on Daniel Jones for fumbling too much during his rookie season—ya know, that thing every rookie does including Joe Borrow who leads the league this year—yet everyone continued to praise Wentz even though he consistently drops the ball more than anyone? Good times.

Carson Wentz ranks 32nd in completion percentage (58.2) and 31st in yards per attempt (6.1) through 11 weeks. Bitch ass.

Last summer, Wentz penned a 4-year $128 million extension which pays him $32 million annually with a $60 million dead cap hit this season which means he’s not going anywhere. What a heist. Kirk Cousins feels bad.

Now I do not want to hear about Eagles injuries or whatever. It’s the NFL. Every team is dealing with injuries. If you were once considered the 3rd best player in the entire league then you need to do better than 3 wins. The Eagles aren’t bad because they have injuries. The Eagles are bad because Carson Wentz won’t stop giving the ball to the other team.

Unleash Jalen Hurts.

Personally, I don’t think he’s a very good quarterback but literally anyone would be better than Wentz at this point. Let the rookie play. I promise you he won’t sit and take a safety in the endzone. That’s where the bar is now. Don’t give away 2 points for no reason. I think Jalen is capable.



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