Carnage Will Be the Villain in Sony’s Venom Movie

As for the expansion plans, Tom Hardy is starring in Venom, dated for Oct. 5, 2018, which will also feature the villain Carnage. A source says Holland is only contractually obligated to Spider-Man 2 and 3, but the intention is to bring him into the spinoffs and possibly other Marvel films (he is currently shooting Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War).


Mixed emotions about this Carnage news. Sony is building this weird Spider-Man universe backwards. They are creating all of the supporting characters and making solo movies about them like the Black Cat and Silver Sable movie but they are including the main character: Peter Parker.

Sony wants to have its cake and eat it too but they don’t have any cake and we don’t have an appetite. No one is begging for a Venom and Carnage movie anymore. I would have loved to see a Carnage Venom adventure as they battle Tobey Maguire’s version of Spider-Man in like, 2005. 2017 against one another? No thanks.

I will say that Carnage is an interesting villain who is just a psychopathic serial killer who gets all of Venom’s powers which of course, helps him murder more. The problem is that Eddie Brock is also a villain and I don’t really know what this plot will be without Spider-Man involved.

Hopefully, Tom Hardy can save this shit.




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