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Carmelo Anthony Posting a Valentine’s Day Selfie With His Estranged Wife is What This Holiday Is All About

Shooters. Shoot.

Carmelo Anthony not only cheated on his wife but he impregnated a random stripper. He was traded away from his family and now lives in Oklahoma City. L after L after L for Carmelo and you think that’s going to stop him from chasing after his wife?

This is the reason for the season. This is what Valentine’s Day was created for. We’re all just trying to get our ex back. My day consists entirely of scrolling through my contacts and sending out a ‘I miss you’ text to every girl I’ve hooked up with in hopes that one of them responds and best case scenario, the two of us are dry humping our loneliness away. I hope Melo is dry humping Lala right now.

My favorite part of this extremely possessive “MINE FOREVER” post is that Lala is without a doubt sitting on some other dude’s face and Carmelo without a doubt stumbled out of a strip club before he posted that.

Happy Valentine’s Day.





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