Carmelo Anthony Is Statistically The Worst Shooter in the NBA Right Now

Let’s quickly run through the stats so I can mock Carmelo with facts and stats:


29 players in the NBA have taken over 1,000 shot attempts this season. Carmelo ranks 25th with 1,053 shot attempts this year. Out of all of these players, Carmelo has the worst shooting percentage with 40.8% from the field.

That means he misses 60% of the shots he takes and out of 1,000 shots, he’s missed about 600. Any time Carmelo takes a jumper, you better be ready to box out because that ball is bricking off the glass.

Melo was supposed to be perfect in the Oklahoma City Thunder offense that is centered around Russell Westbrook dribbling for 20 seconds and then throwing it to whoever is standing on the perimeter so he can get his assists up. Triple-Doubles over everything.

Carmelo was the catch and shoot god. Except that’s not true at all. Melo is only shooting an awful 37% in the catch and shoot. He’s WORSE in the catch and shoot then he is in the dribble pull up where he was screamed at for dribbling too much in New York.

Oh, he’s also only shooting 78% from the free throw line which is his lowest since his rookie season, ya know, when he was a 19 year old teenager in the NBA. My man can’t even hit free throws anymore. He is so so washed.

Carmelo was the king of New York. Out here banging strippers with no protection while his wife was on set for Power. He was making $26 million a year and he didn’t even need to win any basketball games. Just had to show up, score about 20 points, go to the strip club, hump, go home. Repeat.

Now he’s in Oklahoma while his (estranged) wife is out here looking like a snack. Carmelo didn’t stand a chance.

If anyone thinks that Carmelo is going to suddenly ‘turn it on’ during the playoffs, what makes you think that? How would old ass Melo randomly be able to play harder after already playing a full 82 game season? Where is this extra ability coming from?

The Oklahoma City Thunder are dead, Carmelo Anthony killed them.





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