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Carmelo Anthony is PISSED That Chris Rock Is Now Trying To Bang Lala

While promoting his Total Blackout World Tour on the daytime talk show, Wendy asked Chris, 52, if he was friends with Carmelo and La La. 

The comic said they weren’t friends, but ‘friendly’ and then used the moment to express his desires for the actress.

‘If La La is interested in going short next time,’ Chris began. ‘La La is bad, woo! Hey, they’re married; you’re not supposed to mess with other team’s players. But she’s hot though!’

‘She looked great the other night,’ Chris continued, speaking about a photo of La La at the Met Gala in New York City. ‘La La will you? La La let’s go to ‘La La Land!”

‘Carmelo was really upset,’ a source close to the player told¬†

‘He sent a text to several of his friends asking “Did y’all see this bulls**t? This n**** on TV trying to scoop up my wife.”

‘He then called famed film director Spike Lee to tell him to tell Chris to back off before it became a problem,’ the source added. .

(Daily Mail)

Chris Rock vs. Carmelo Anthony. Let’s GOOOO. No one saw this war coming. First Chris Rock cheats on his wife with Kerry Washington.[1. Allegedly]¬† Then Carmelo gets some random stripper pregnant. Now Chris Rock and Carmelo Anthony are both trying to bang Lala.[2. Allegedly]

I don’t know whose side I’m on. I don’t even really like either of these assholes anymore. Chris Rock cheated on his wife and is now going on tour talking about it nonstop and he’s using this event as content for his new special. It would be pretty cool if he kept that shit private and didn’t profit off of it.

Carmelo Anthony without a doubt is in love with strippers and prostitutes. He cannot get enough of them. This wasn’t a secret before but maybe he should let Lala do her thing. I mean, I think I want these two back together but this is all dependent on how this effects his game.

Uh, I think I’m just rooting for Lala.[2. Call me.] #KNICKSTAPE.




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