Should Carlos Beltran Be The Next Manager of the New York Yankees?

After announcing his retirement Monday, Beltran immediately expressed interest in returning to the dugout as a manager – and specifically, with one of his old teams. The 40-year-old said he’d be interested in interviewing for the New York Yankees’ managerial vacancy if given the opportunity.

“I personally think that’s a great job; a position with an incredible impact,” Beltran said, according to ESPN’s Marly Rivera. “… You never know, there are opportunities that God gives us, and if I get an opportunity (to interview) I will not rule it out.”

Regarding Beltran’s interest in the Yankees job, general manager Brian Cashman said he’s “aware of his interest in managing in the future, and I’ll leave it at that right now,” per Bryan Hoch of



It’s mid-November and the New York Yankees still are without a manager for some reason and apparently Brian Cashman is interviewing anyone with season tickets at this point. I keep refreshing my emails checking to see if/when Cashman wants me in for a conference call. I think I’m somewhere on the call sheet between Aaron Boone and the guy selling water bottles across the street from the stadium.

Now, I do not believe that Joe Girardi should’ve been in the dugout next season. The honeymoon was very much over here. I will never forgive him for saving that challenge against the Indians in the playoffs. I hope he is enjoying that extra challenge in his new forced retirement.

But I feel like the Yankees should probablyyy hire someone with experience and not anyone who has ever worn a jersey. But Beltran isn’t a bum. He’s one of the most clutch players in baseball history

But should Carlos Beltran be the next New York Yankees manager?

Short answer: no. Longer answer: No, he shouldn’t be the manager. Sure, it would be cool to have a manager like Ozzie Guillen who can’t chop it up with the Latin players but the Yankees are living in the Far East now with Masahiro Tanaka re-upping and Shohei Otani coming to town. If anything, the Yankees need a Japanese skipper to take over.

…wait…do…do you hear that?!? IT’S HIDEKI MATSUI’S MUSIC BAHGAWD.




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