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Cardi B’s New Single ‘Be Careful’ Kinda Sucks And That’s Totally Okay

It’s safe to say that this song will be on the radio for the rest of the year so let’s sit back and enjoy it now before it’s the only song that your Uber driver plays when you get in the car.

I think everyone is rooting for Cardi B. The come up is real. Stripper turned rap superstar after the Bodak Yellow single. I am one of those people in her corner. I once said that Bodak Yellow should be the new National Anthem. In fact, I’m still saying that. New York rap over everything. And this new track ‘Be Careful’ is way more of a New York sounding song than Bodak Yellow was.

However, I can’t not critique it. I’m not allowed to enjoy nice things. Just the way I was wired. Has anyone listened to a Cardi B song and thought to themselves ‘Yo, that flow tho’. The benefit of rapping of a beat like Bodak Yellow’s is that you don’t really need to have an amazing flow.

The Be Careful beat is built for someone who can really spit and Cardi is kind of all over the place and seems a step off the entire time.

Also, sort of unrelated and it’s kind of unfair but like, you can’t look at the cover art for this single and not instantly compare it to everything Nicki Minaj has done. Again, it’s not fair that one rapper has cornered the pink market but Nicki is REALLY about the color pink so yea, ‘be careful’.

Technically this song is clumsy and if we didn’t love Cardi so much, we’d probably roasting this more. It’s not a good song but I love it regardless. Both things can be true. Roadhouse is one of my favorite movies but I recognize that is wasn’t snubbed for an Oscar.

Cant’ wait for the Drake remix.




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