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Cardi B, Chance The Rapper and T.I. Are Judging a Netflix Rap Competition That I Didn’t Realize Was The One Show My Life Needed

What Happened?

Netflix isn’t shying away from marquee names for its first music competition. The streamer has landed Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. for Rhythm + Flow, a 10-part hip-hop talent search that is set to debut in 2019.

The project has an impressive musical pedigree, also hailing from John Legend and his Get Lifted Film Co.


Netflix is going all in on reality shows now which is interesting considering that cable television went all in on reality shows and that led to the rise of Netflix and their original scripted shows. The snake is now eating its tail. Where do we go now that Netflix is the home for reality tv?

But we can solve that existential crisis later. Let’s talk about how Cardi B should never not be on our television screens and having her host a rap competition is going to be hilarious. Cannot wait for homegirl to tell some poor struggling artist to work on their lyrics.

Adding Chance the Rapper to this roster is what makes this Netflix rap competition credible and separates it from some VH1 rap show a decade ago. Cardi B and T.I. might never make another hit again. *knocks on wood* but Chance isn’t done dropping great music.

But I think we’re all in this for the first episode, like the first episodes of American Idol, when the absolute worst rappers audition and T.I. ruins their life by telling them to never rap or even open their mouths to speak again.

This is already the best Netflix original of all time. It’s definitely better than Bloodline. Everything is better than Bloodline.

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