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Cardi B and Offset Getting Back Together Should Teach Us All a Valuable Lesson About Relationships

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Look at these two love birds. We all thought it was over for America’s favorite couple after Offset spent the entire year cheating extremely publicly. Seemingly every weekend there was a new exclusive photo of Offset fingering some IG model on a balcony. It happens.

Cardi B finally ended their beautiful marriage a couple of weeks and the world wept. These are two adults who have clearly made nothing but smart sound decisions in their life so naturally, we all thought it was truly the end for them.

Then Offset showed up to Cardi B’s performance as the first woman to ever headline Rolling Loud and decided to use that opportunity to hit her with a very strong ‘I’m sorry, bruh’ as he handed her flowers that he bought at the 7 Eleven next door on the way in.

And here we are less than a week later and these two are out here looking goofy on a jet ski and all is right with the world.

We should learn everything we need to know about love from these two. You have to forgive each other. Cardi forgave Offset for cheating every single time he left the house. She also forgave Offset for embarrassing her in the middle of her show with a half-ass apology.

And now she’s smiling like a clown riding a jet ski in shallow water looking happy as hell.

Oh, and I assume Offset forgave Cardi for not minding her own business and letting him cheat in private. Also forgave Cardi for having their child that he 1000% did not want[1. I’m sure he loves his child now and stuff. He’s a great father or whatever.].

Dating. Is. Hard.

Follow Cardi and Offset’s example. Work through your struggles. Cheat all you want and give her flowers. Also, rent a jet ski in Puerto Rico.





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