Cancel The MLB Season and Arrest Rob Manfred

It is being reported that the Miami Marlins are just coughing and sneezing into each other’s open mouths as there are new positive Coronavirus tests every single time you refresh your phone. MLB has postponed the Marlins next game as well as the Philadelphia Phillies next game they were the Marlins final opponent when half the team decided to play with COVID in their system. Cancel the MLB season.

11 players and 2 coaches on the Miami Marlins have tested positive for Coronavirus and might tank the entire season just 3 days after the season started as the league may be facing a potential outbreak.

What did we all think was going to happen? Major League Baseball has a 100+ page book of protocols and none of those rules are even enforced. Players are constantly touching and high-fiving and hugging and spitting. No one is wearing masks. And most importantly, THIS ISN’T A BUBBLE.

Players are not only all traveling on planes across the country in the midst of a pandemic but they’re allowed to do whatever the hell they want after the games. They can still go to bars and restaurants and there is no one watching or preventing them from going out at night and catching all the Coronavirus and bringing it back into the clubhouse.

If you’re a team like the Marlins that have no chance of winning a World Series this year of even competing for a playoff berth, why wouldn’t you go out and behave as you please?

The testing may be daily but the results have taken multiple days to come in which means a player can catch COVID on the same day a negative test comes in from a test that was taken days earlier and by the time the test results come back that show he is positive with the virus, he’s already been competing and interacting with everyone as if he’s totally healthy.

This entire situation was rushed as the testing hasn’t even caught up with the demand. Major League Baseball 1000% should’ve made a bubble like the NBA, MLS and NWSL where you can completely control the environment and most importantly, you can control the activities of the players when they’re not on the field and no one is on fucking planes.

You set up 3 different bubbles consisting of 10 teams each and let those 10 teams play round-robin against each other where no one is traveling or leaving to go get wings or whatever. It’s about controlling the spread and not ignoring it.

“There are no specific standards within the health and safety protocols that trigger the shutdown of a team or all teams. That decision is solely in the hands of commissioner Rob Manfred.”

The league didn’t even have a protocol in place to stop a potential outbreak. The protocol they came up with was to hold a meeting and figure out a protocol. And once again, the few rules they did create they haven’t even bothered to enforce.

If you’re not enforcing the protocols then you’re not stressing the urgency of this situation. Here’s is New York Mets outfielder bitch ass Brandon Nimmo’s thoughts on face masks:

This is what happens when you don’t have a bubble and you don’t clearly declare how dangerous this virus is. You allow assholes like Nimmo say things like ‘face masks do more harm than good’. What the fuck are you talking about?

Wearing a face mask massively reduces your odds of catching the virus not just from breathing the AIRBORNE virus in and out but also prevents you from touching your mouth where the virus would enter.

Just wear a face mask, you loser.

They allowed the Marlins players to decided amongst themselves in a group chat whether or not they wanted to play against the Phillies knowing damn well they had COVID. Who is running this sport?

I don’t love shitting on Rob Manfred as everyone and their mothers are already aware that he’s bad at his job. He refused to actually punish the Houston Astros after they cheated to win the 2017 World Series. He could not get the players and owners to agree on a real schedule this season and his master plan for players catching COVID was to uh, figure it out later.

If more Marlins test positive or anyone on the Phillies or anyone in their households then we need to cancel this MLB season and Rob Manfred needs to be put behind bars for spreading this virus unnecesarily.

Half of Miami’s organization has Coronavirus, ROB. So what happens now? Are we ‘postponing’ their next week of games?

These teams are already playing every single day for the next two months and now you want to cram in a week of double-headers against the worst and most reckless team in the sport at the end of the season where the Marlins will be 50 games under .500.

Put Rob Manfred behind bars and cancel the 2020 MLB season.





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