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Can We Talk About 210LB Female MMA Monster Gabi Garcia For a Second?

Gabi Garcia is a murderer. Over the weekend, the 6’2″ monster made her MMA debut against a 45 year old woman who is 5’2 and weighs almost 100 pounds less than her. The fight ended in a no-content after Garcia kicked this old broad’s head in after she fell to the ground. Apparently, that’s against the rule or something.

I have my full attention on this beast now. Her next fight is at the end of July against a Russian chick who is more in her weight class and I cannot wait. I mean, I have no idea where one watches these like, underground street fights but I’ll pay top dollar to see Gabi Garcia punch a bitch so hard that her kidneys shut down.

Sure, she has a shaky past but who among us doesn’t. Yes, she tested positive for a performance enhancing drugs that basically gave her the same body chemistry of a man but hey, look at the end result. She was created in a lab to beat girl’s brains in. I’m completely okay with that. Fuck menstruation.

Team Gabi Garcia forever.



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