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Can We Just Give Luis Severino The 2018 Cy Young Trophy Right Now?

I write mostly about the Yankees hitters because I, like chicks, dig the long ball. A home run is the most exciting play in sports and when the Yankees lineup has literally 9 straight hitters that can hit bombs, they tend to attract a majority of my attention.

But Luis Severino’s ability to stop other teams from hitting home runs has finally made me take the time, clear out my calendar, and gush about how he is the best pitcher in Major League Baseball.

Luis Severino won his 9th game of the season after stuffing the Detroit Tigers in a locker by pitching 8 innings only allowing 4 hits and one earned run. Oh, and he racked up 10 strikeouts and 0 walks. It was literally his Cy Young-winning performance highlight reel. I assume he walked back to the clubhouse after the game and the Cy Young trophy was sitting in his locker waiting for him.

Severino is Top 5 in strikeouts, ERA, WHIP and first in Wins. Prettyyyyy decent. He also recorded his first career complete game shutout this season. Severino is doing everything in his power to take home that Cy Young award. It belongs to him as of now.

As I write this, I am watching clips of Severino striking batters out and I’ll be honest, I’m feeling a type of way about it. Blood is flowing. It’s Luis Severino’s world and we’re all just lucky enough to live in it.




(Yes, I am intentionally ignoring that Justin Verlander is 1st in almost every statistical category. I will never forget that picture of my man shirtless in the blue jeans his mom bought him for the first day of school.)


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