Can Tom Brady Still Succeed Without Rob Gronkowski?

Rob Gronkowski will go down as one of the best tight ends in NFL history. We all know this. His statistical annual averages over the course of a 16-game season comes out to around 72 catches. 1,095 yards and 11 touchdowns. Year after year he exposed opposing defenses and saved Tom Brady from Father Time.

Last season, he was pretty average recording just 47 catches for 682 yards and only 3 touchdowns. His career was about done. This retirement was necesarry.

He’s a 5-time Pro Bowl, 4-time All Pro and 3-time Super Bowl Champion. At only 29 years old, he’s walking into the Hall of Fame easily. He’s got his millions of dollars and he’s out. Can’t knock the hustle.

So can Tom Brady survive without Rob Gronkowski?

What are you, new? Have you been paying attention to the NFL for the last 18 years? Bill Belichick has the cheat codes. He’s creating these guys in labs. The Patriots don’t need Gronkowski. They’ll find a guy in the 7th round and turn him into a Hall of Famer.

At one point, the best offensive player on the New England Patriots was Aaron Hernandez and we barely remember that they had a murderer converting 3rd and long because Gronk just budded out of him and became a superstar.

Plus, the Patriots rarely even had Gronk. The man was injured constantly. Here a quick list of his ailments over the years:

  • back surgery
  • ankle surgery
  • broken forearm
  • broken forearm…again
  • infection of broken forearm
  • back surgery No. 2
  • torn ACL
  • torn MCL
  • pulmonary contusion
  • herniated disk
  • concussions

Tom Brady is used to not having Gronk on the field. This upcoming season is just business as usual. Brady will always have a huddle full of white guys to throw the ball to. He’ll still sweep the AFC East.

Based off everything the New York Giants have done this offseason, it wouldn’t shock me at all if Dave Gettleman traded Evan Engram to the Patriots for a signed Brady rookie card and a 2028 6th round draft pick swap.

The Patriots will be in the Super Bowl again regardless and Rob Gronkowski will be hanging out with Robert Kraft at the Orchids of Asia spa dropping $30 for a sad handjob. Goals.

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