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Can The New York Yankees Win The 2019 World Series With Zero (0) Good Starting Pitchers?

It’s been beaten to death but it’s impossible to ignore the New York Yankees inability to get a quality start from any pitcher on their roster.

Their lack of starting pitching clearly hasn’t affected their ability to win regular season games. They’re 73-39 and tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the best record in baseball in spite of the fact that everyone and their mothers have spent time on the IL and none of their starters can make it to the 6th inning.

If the season were to end today, chances are Masahiro Tanaka would be the Game 1 starter in the postseason. In his last seven starts, Tanaka has allowed 48 hits and 36 runs in 31.3 innings with a 10.23 ERA.


Domingo Germa has a 14-2 record on the season and so clearly has the best stuff on the team. But after an electric start to the season, he is carrying a 5.55 ERA in his last 9 starts and has given up 16 home runs.

German and Tanaka are about to give up an alarming amount of home runs to the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins.

I’m still a dumb enough Yankees fan to think that James Paxton is going to turn things around even though he’s pitched fewer than 5 innings in eight of his 19 starts which I reckon wouldn’t be a massive problem in the problems because the sooner you get to Chad Green and Adam Ottavino, the better.

CC Sabathia is 60-years old with no knees and cardiovascular issues. Let’s not even pretend like he’ll be a factor in October. JA Happ is the worst pitcher on the 2019 New York Yankees. No further discussion there.

So it’s super cute that Brian Cashman decided to play hardball with Patrick Corbin, who is having a better season than anyone on the team right now, and Dallas Keuchel, who stepped right onto the Atlanta Braves as the consistent reliable innings-eater that the Yankees needed.

But we can talk about Cashman’s inability to find pitching all day. This could easily turn into a 10,000 word Ted Talk about Kevin Brown and Carl Pavano. I have plenty to say about Kei Igawa.

So can the New York Yankees win the 2019 World Series without any starting pitchers?

The massive ‘what if’ on the season is the hypothetical return of Luis Severino that some (losers) are calling the Yankees trade deadline acquisition.

Ah yes, who can forget all of the star pitchers who mysteriously injured their shoulders in spring training, didn’t touch a baseball for six months and then walked back onto the mound in September back in their Cy Young form. Happens all the time. It’s never not happening.

But here’s the thing, no team in the American League has a better lineup than the New York Yankees. It doesn’t matter who gets placed on the IL, Gary Sanchez injures his groin, Austin Romine steps up and hits 5 homers this year.

Feed me Verlander, Cole and Greinke. They’re about to get devoured by Gleyber Torres and *checks notes* Mike Tauchman?

Well, fuck.

That 2020 World Series thoooo.

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