Can The Houston Rockets Win The Western Conference Finals Without Chris Paul?

What Happened?

Well this sucks ball. The Houston Rockets took a 3-2 lead in Game 5 on Thursday night but the bad news is, they lost Chris Paul with a hamstring injury that will probably take him out for the remainder of the playoffs.

This is Chris Paul’s first Western Conference and as much as I would personally love to continue the jokes about Paul never winning a championship, he is playing his ass off and he’s the best player in a Rockets uniform right now.

Chris Paul scored 20 points with 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals in Game 5. My man is stuffing the box score out there and most importantly, he’s getting that W against a Golden State Warriors team that you are a complete asshole if you’re rooting for.

So can the Houston Rockets win without Chris Paul?

Here’s the thing, the Rockets only need to win 1 of the next 2 games and one of those games is back in Houston. I think the Houston Rockets fans stink and don’t make THAT much of a difference but it’s way better than playing in Oracle arena where the Silicon Valley nerds lose their minds any time Kevan Looney sets a solid screen.

James Harden hasn’t made a 3-pointer since the Ford Administration[1. I’m in my 20’s. Why did I just make this joke for Baby Boomers?]. OUR Most Valuable Player is playing like his dog is sick.

Insert third joke about James Harden not playing that well. You get it. He’s been trash like last year when he looked like he had never held a basketball before and the San Antonio Spurs beat the brakes off the Rockets.

The Rockets winning this series has nothing to do with James Harden at this point. You can pretty much cancel him out in a playoff series. Once the regular season ends, Harden is irrelevant. My man is playing like he’s PISSED that this game is going on during his vacation.

No, this win is all on the backs of the Houston Rockets secret weapon: Iso Joe.

When the playoffs begin and the game slows down possession to possession, Joe Johnson’s Gamebreaker goes off. Last season he carried the Utah Jazz on his back in the first round against the Los Angeles Clippers with a 20 point Game 1 and 28 point Game 4. Whenever the Jazz were desperate for a bucket, it was time to feed Joe Johnson.

Mike D’Antoni and Joe Johnson almost won in Phoenix a decade ago. Everything has led to this moment. The two of them must join forces one last time to close the loop. The NBA needs this.

No, the Rockets don’t need Chris Paul. They have Joe Johnson. Rockets in 6.




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