Can New GM Scott Perry Save the New York Knicks

Welcome to the New York Knicks, Scott Perry. No matter how many awful decisions he may make in his tenure working in the Knicks front office, he’ll walk away looking like a legend compared to Phil Jackson.

Scott Perry looks like an old baby. He looks Benjamin Button-esque so I don’t know if he’s going to really make a big difference for this team, especially considering that 35% of the Knicks cap space is tied up between Tim Hardaway Jr. and Joakim Noah until 2020. Fuck.

All I know is that Perry was in the room when the Seattle Supersonics selected Kevin Durant, even though they were extremely lucky that Portland picked Greg Oden first. Oh god, what if this guy sucks?

Just keep Kristaps in a Knicks uniform forever and you’ll go down as the greatest GM in NBA history.


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