Can LeBron James Win Basketball Games If He Continues To Show Up To The Arena in Those Little Baby Boy Shorts

LeBron James is now 0-2 when walking into an NBA Finals game wearing these weird suit shorts like a schoolboy who’s also the coke dealer for the lacrosse team.


Look how zesty this man is with his cute little bag and booty shorts. LeBron is out here looking like a bottle waitress showing off her curves for more tips. Is this your king?

Dress for the job you want. LeBron is showing up to games dressed as the catering staff for the party the Golden State Warriors are going to throw to celebrate their 2018 NBA Championship.

My favorite part of these team Thom Browne suits is Jordan Clarkson also deciding that he’s going to rock the summer shorts too. There is no one on the Cavs more excited to be in the same room as LeBron James than Jordan Clarkson. Once LeBron leaves, the Cavs belong to Clarkson and he’s prepared for the pressure and the eyes on him.

Can LeBron James Win Basketball Games If He Continues To Show Up To The Arena in Those Little Baby Boy Shorts?




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