Can James Gunn Save Suicide Squad 2?

The Wrap is reporting that James Gunn is in talks to write the script for Suicide Squad 2 and has his eyes set on directing. The project was originally announced to have Gavin O’Connor write and direct, but it appears he has fallen off the project. Warner Bros. confirmed to Polygon that Gunn is not in talks to write the movie, but has in fact already signed on to do so.



Marvel firing James Gunn for old lame tweets that were clearly bad jokes was both predictable and foolish. On one hand, you can’t be working for Disney and making pedophile jokes when Disney has built their brand around children. On the other hand, Guardians of the Galaxy would be irrelevant if it weren’t for James Gunn turning those weird ass comics into two box office blockbusters.

James Gunn painted five actors random colors and convinced us they were from 5 different planets that actually exist. He turned Chris Pratt into a superstar. He gave Bradley Cooper his first good movie in years He made me realize that Dave Bautista is the best professional wrestler turned actor. Yea, eat that, Dwayne.

Now he is taking his pedophilia inspired talents to the Suicide Squad franchise where he is desperately needed. Suicide Squad was one of those neon Crayola marker packs mixed with Hot Topic Halloween costumes mixed with all of the bad parts from every Will Smith movie.

So can James Gunn save Suicide Squad 2?

DC movies are determined to be the worst movies ever made because there are no consequences to their trash. These movies are making box office records regardless of quality. The only risk DC faces from negative reviews is losing actors like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill but there is a list of actors lining up to play Batman and Superman.

Prior to the arrival of James Gunn, I wasn’t even going to watch Suicide Squad 2. I’m hanging in here by a thread. If I saw Margot Robbie beat an all-powerful witch with a wooden bat again, I’d snap.

But I trust James Gunn’s ability to make me tear up over the death of a tree that only says the same three words over and over again. James Gunn can make Will Smith fun again.

Maybe he can give Katana some lines this time. But seriously real quick, they were like ‘yea, her swords contains all the souls of the people she’s killed. We will not further explore this concept and she will never say a word. Keep watching this shitty movie. Or don’t. We already have your money’.

James Gunn can save Suicide Squad 2. Or maybe not. But at the very least, he can find a new role for Bautista who should be in every movie ever made.



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