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Can Daniel Jones Realistically Lead The New York Giants To Victory Against The New England Patriots?

After an impressive 2-game winning streak led by the emergence of rookie QB and future Hall of Famer, Daniel Jones, the Giants were mollywhopped by the Minnesota Vikings this past Sunday in a 28-10 loss in a game that didn’t seem winnable at really any point.

The Vikings doubled up the Giants in total yards including a massive 211 rushing yards to New York’s only 64 yards on the ground. Minnesota controlled the line of scrimmage while the Giants had more and more players limp off with various injuries.

And now the broken down Giants are heading up to Gillette Stadium for a Thursday night rendezvous with the undefeated New England Patriots and their elderly quarterback.

Please keep Tom Brady away from Daniel Jones. Don’t let that man siphon off some of Danny Dimes’s young vibrant blood so that he can play another 10 years.

We’ve seen what Tom does with his son.

The Giants have upset the Patriots before. Twice, actually *hair toss*

So can Daniel Jones realistically beat the New England Patriots?

Before we talk about what Jones can do against New England, let’s first look at what went wrong against Minnesota.

Jones went 21-for-38 (55.3%) passing the ball for 182 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

His passer rating was 65.9 and he averaged 4.8 yards per attempt. It was by far his worst of his three starts this season.

Jones also had an ANY/A (Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt) of 2.9 which ranked 29 among all QBs in Week 5.

The biggest takeaway from the defeat was that Minnesota’s secondary swallowed up the Giants receivers.

Wideouts couldn’t get a lick of separation and Jones was forced to check down far more than the young gunslinger prefers.

Every time he attempted to throw deep, his target was swarmed and those cats are not at all talented enough to bring the ball down in the tight windows Jones was forced to throw through.

Soooo uh, that miiiiight be a problem considering that the New England Patriots have the No. 1 pass defense in the NFL. Not only are they allowing the least amount of yards through the air but they also lead the league in both interceptions AND sacks.

New England is putting opposing QBs in the torture chamber. They are collapsing the pocket and forcing quarterbacks to make mistakes.

To make matters worse, Sterling Shepard is out with his second concussion of the season and Evan Engram might sit the game out with an MCL sprain so Jones’s two favorite targets are gone—against the best passing defense in the league.


14 of Jones’s 38 pass attempts on Sunday were targets beyond 10 yards. He only completed 4 of those passes.

That’s obviously not great but it kinda also matches what his scouting report out of college read. His deep balls are inconsistent and again, it doesn’t help when he’s up against a rigid defense, let alone the No. 1 defense in the NFL.

BUT, let’s take into account who the Patriots have played thus far.

They beat Ben Roethlisberger who played without an elbow.

Josh Rosen and the tanking Miami Dolphins.

Luke Falk, who the Jets wish will just catch mono and disappear.

Josh Allen for a half before he was concussed and Matt Barkley went out there.

And finally, they just beat Colt McCoy who I didn’t even realize was still in the NFL.

Daniel Jones is better than anyone New England has gone up against this season. Historically, Bill Belichick has had a problem defending mobile quarterbacks and Jones is one of the fastest in the league.

This game will quite literally be decided by Danny Jones.

With Saquon Barkley and Wayne Gallman both out due to injury, it’s safe to say that the Giants’s ground game will continue to be MIA for at least one more week.

Undrafted rookie, Jonathan Hilliman, stinks.

He averaging 2.8 yards per carry and has 53 yards total on the year. He’s lost more fumbles than he’s scored touchdowns.

Jones is about to have new career highs in passing. My guess is at least 50 pass attempts. He’s the best player on offense and will need the ball in his hands more than anyone else.

Golden Tate debuted on Sunday and was essentially a ghost for four quarters. 3 catches for 13 yards. Dope. Get ready to hear his name nonstop considering everyone else under contract is in concussion protocol.

I say all of that to say: yes, Daniel Jones can without a doubt beat the Patriots.

Let’s remember that they, too, are coming off a short week and their quarterback is old enough to remember when Paul Revere woke him up yelling something about the British coming.

He’s going to be spry and ready to play on 3 days rest? Ok. Wait until Markus Golden and Dexter Lawrence get in the backfield and drag that geriatric man into the dirt.

What if Daniel Jones threw for 420 yards and ran for 109? Would that shock you? Because it seems inevitable at some point. Why not against the defending champions?

Prepare for a legacy defining victory by Daniel Jones.

(Or an embarrassingly depressing loss that makes the Giants look like they should tank for the No. 1 draft pick.)

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