Can Chris Paul Lead The OKC Thunder To The Playoffs?

Every summer we all talk about how stacked the Western Conference is and every summer the Western Conference somehow finds a way to become more stacked.

Seemingly every single team to better or at the very least, stayed the same.

Every team except for the Oklahoma City Thunder who traded Paul George to an instant championship favorite for no reason outside of the fact that he asked nicely. He probably said ‘pretty please’ too and Thunder GM, Sam Presti, didn’t have a choice but to make the move.

They pinky promised and everything.

The Thunder flipped Russell Westbrook and Paul George for Chris Paul, Danilo Gallinari, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and *checks notes* every single draft pick ever.

It’s safe to say that trading to MVP candidates away for a 34 year old who constantly battles with injuries every single season isn’t the greatest team building decision and puts an elderly anchor right in the middle of your rebuild.

It was originally reported that the Thunder would instantly flip Chris Paul but it turns out there isn’t a long line of suitors rushing to acquire his $38 million contract that he in no way should be making.

But Chris Paul is still one of the best point guards in NBA history, I’m told. And perhaps he still has more left in the tank.

Can Chris Paul lead the OKC Thunder to the playoffs?

Last season, CP3 averaged 15.6 points, 8.2 assists on a career-low 41% shooting. He also had a career-low in free throw attempts so if he can’t make jump shots anymore and he can’t get to the free throw line for easy points, what does he currently excel at?

You know what the Thunder needed? An overbearing old man limping up and down the court screaming at players for no reason at all.

As much as Westbrook was overbearing on the court and appeared to be tough to play with, all of his teammates rave about how much they love him. He at least seems fun off the court.

Chris Paul doesn’t seem fun, ever.

He’s also the oldest on this roster by miles. The only player close is Danilo Gallinari and I’m not sure those two guys have a lot to talk about.

But Galo is a great role player who can shoot from anywhere. SGA is the next great point guard (if Chris Paul doesn’t ruin him first) and Steven Adams is still one of the best rebounders in the NBA.

But no, Chris Paul is getting an early vacation this season. OKC fans will get to see Paul George and Russell Westbrook battle in the Western Conference Finals while Chris Paul sits down with Kristine Leahy on her wack ass Fox Sports talk show to blame Terrence Ferguson for not working hard enough or something.

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