Can Anyone Stop The LA Lakers This Season?

When Anthony Davis was brought to the LA Lakers over the off-season, it was widely believed that they would be one of the teams at the front for the NBA Championship. However, nobody could have foreseen quite how well the Lakers would have bonded. The arrival of Kawhi Leonard at their cross-city rivals and the Clippers made them a fashionable pick to achieve the success, but at present, the Lakers are blowing them out of the water.

There are legal online NJ gambling sites offering extremely low prices for the Lakers to win the championship this season after they have enjoyed prolonged periods of wins. But, the NBA is a marathon and not a sprint, which means that there could still be a twist in the tale, but which sides could realistically stop the Lakers?

Milwaukee Bucks

The leading side in the Eastern Conference may have a thing or two to say about the NBA championship already being handed to the Lakers and LeBron James. The Bucks have been in outstanding form throughout the season so far, and that is highlighted by the fact that they have won eight more games than the team placed in second. Furthermore, they have only lost on six occasions this season, and they only appear to be hitting their stride.

In Giannis Antetokounmpo they also have a player that can rival the numbers that are put up by the very best players in the division. He was awarded the MVP last season, but he has already showcased that he has improved this campaign. He is averaging nearly 30 points a game, and averaging 32.5% from beyond the arc. If they can keep the Greek Freak fit, then they have a massive chance.

LA Clippers

Of course, with the talent that the Clippers have at their disposal, it is impossible to rule them out of contention despite their recent struggles. The Lakers and Jazz are getting all the attention with their long winning streaks, which means that the Clippers could sneak up on everyone by the time that the playoffs come around. Their recent form hasn’t been great as they have won six and lost four, but the star player that they have is overpowering.

Kawhi Leonard is being used very sensibly in the regular season, as they will be aware that he could be a pivotal figure for the post-season. Over the past two games, he has recorded 36 and 30 points respectively, while he has averaged 25.8 points per game this season. Paul George is averaging just lower of that figure at 23.5 points per game, but with the two stars on the same court, teams should be aware.

It is hard to see any of the other sides in either division being able to compete with the Lakers, Clippers of Bucks. The winning team this season will likely come out of that trio, but with the Lakers and Clippers in the same conference, only one will be able to take on the best in the East.


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