Can a Tom Hardy Venom Movie Work Without Spider-Man?

When news first broke of the Venom movie, I couldn’t have rolled my eyes harder. The idea of a movie about Spider-Man’s most personal foe that doesn’t include Spider-Man is what can only be defined as a bad decision.

But then it came out that Tom Hardy will be starring as Eddie Brock and now I think this movie might have legs. If they actually find a way to put Spider-Man in this movie then I think the dynamic between Tom Hardy and Tom Holland would be amazing.

But if Sony can’t put Spider-Man in this movie then it going to be sooo weird. Everything about Eddie Brock’s origin is completely based around Peter Parker. The alien symbiote joined with Brock because they both wanted revenge against Spider-Man.

Can a Tom Hardy Venom movie work without Spider-Man?

Here’s the thing, I trust Tom Hardy completely. He has never disappointed me. Yes, Dark Knight Rises was like, not good but that wasn’t Hardy’s fault. His Bane was the best part of that movie. I don’t know how they’ll work Peter Parker out of the story but if anyone can do it, it’s Tom Hardy.[1. JK this movie is going to be awful.]




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