Cam Newton Cannot Let Mac Jones See The Field

Cam Newton is coming off a very impressive season where Covid clearly stripped him of his talents. He threw for only 2,657 with just 8 touchdowns to 10 interceptions. At one point, he lost his job to backup QB, Jarrett Stidham, who is very much not good at throwing footballs.

New England brought him back on another 1-year deal with the hope that a full offseason and a year with the system under his belt will improve his performance and bring back some version of the former MVP.

Enter Mac Jones.

Alabama’s QB and super incredibly ultra-white loser, Mac Jones, fell to New England at the 15 pick because of course he did. After almost two decades of Tom Brady, it makes all the sense in the world that this Brady clone would land in Massachusetts.

Look at this goofy CW TV series antagonist. Mac Jones walks like his name just got called to jump on stage at the police gala as they honor his generous donations. Mac Jones is built like a lava lamp. He looks like a bottle waitress between elective surgeries.

cam newton mac jones

Now, it hasn’t been confirmed or denied if this is actually Mac Jones but this mega pale dude from the south who went to Alabama would probably have some racist shit in his background.

If it didn’t bother you enough that NFL teams talked themselves out of drafting Justin Fields because they hate black quarterbacks while Mac Jones because he’s so smart or whatever bullshit dogwhistle they use to diminish the talents of brown QBs, this blackface photo should infuriate you.

Cam Newton needs to do everything in his power to keep Mac Jones from ever stepping onto a football field.

I have no idea if Jones is going to be good in the pros. I doubt it considering he played for an offense in college that had the starting running and both starting receivers drafted in the first round and now he’s playing for a team that just signed Nelson Agholor who is famous for dropping passes.

This Cam Newton Mac Jones quarterback battle will determine if I can watch any AFC East games this season. We cannot have Jones AND Zach Wilson’s r/WallStreetBets looking ass running the division for the next 10-15 years.

You’re our last hope, Cam.

Written by TheLesterLee

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