Cam Newton Laughs Hysterically at ‘Female’ Reporter That Asked Him About Receiver Routes

Yogurt company Dannon announced Thursday that it has cut ties with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton as a spokesman for the brand.

According to A.J. Perez of USA Today, Dannon said the following in a statement: “We have shared our concerns with Cam and will no longer work with him.”

(Bleacher Report)


I want to like Cam Newton so badly but time and time again he proves how low his IQ is. I think legally I have to publicly support him because black athletes in the NFL vs. Everybody right now but Cam, my guy, chill.

Can’t be laughing directly in chick’s faces when they ask you a very standard question about wide receivers. “That’s funny coming from a female”. Cringe level a million. He’s one step away from just grabbing women by the pussy.

Cam Newton is a straight up weirdo. He dominated the New England Patriots and then immediately yells at reporters. He losses games and immediately yells at reporters. Also, what is happening with that blonde goatee? When was the last time Newton made a good decision? Never.

Just a reminder: Newton named his first son ‘Chosen’ so yea, why do I like this man? HAHAHA females talking about routes?!? Bitches, amirite?




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