There is a Direct Correlation Between Flossing Your Teeth and Losing Football Games

I’m not saying that Cam Newton flossing on the sidelines was the reason why the Carolina Panthers lost 20-21 to the Denver Broncos on Thursday night but I’m not not saying it. Based off of my expert research and the facts placed before me, 100% of the teams that floss on the sidelines lose games. That’s just fact, now.

Last year at the Super Bowl, Cam Newton refused to dive for a loose ball that was rolling right in front of him. If his intention was to remind people that he appears to not care about winning that much, he has succeeded with flying colors.

Last season the Carolina Panthers almost went undefeated. This season, Graham Gano missed a game-winning field goal to make sure that wouldn’t happen again.

As a New York Giants fan, I hope Cam flosses every single game. The NFC is officially wide open. The Panthers have so many chinks in their armor. As of right now, the Giants are undefeated. Again, just stating facts over. No speculation at Deadseriousness HQ. Facts only.
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