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Cam Newton Became My New Favorite Quarterback Last Sunday

Cam Newton should be everyone’s favorite quarterback after this clip of him putting Clay Matthews on his knee. This might be my favorite mic’d up moment in NFL history. Everything came into place perfectly. Cam had to throw a touchdown pass there and he did. ON A WHEEL ROUTE. Eat a dick, Clay.

Sure, Cam Newton is extremely problematic. We can’t pretend like he didn’t laugh in a female reporter’s face earlier this season because she had the audacity to ask a man about wide receiver routes. Not a great look for ya boy.

Sure, I would never call up Cam for an intelligent conversation about Net Neutrality. But most quarterbacks are boring. Tom Brady is a loser. Russell Wilson seems like a real chore to hang out with. Lottttt of holding hands to pray for no reason. Cam is actually fun and has a personality and should be mic’d up 24/7.



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