Burn Minneapolis To The Ground

This week, a defenseless black man was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis. I’m not going to explain what happened. Words can’t describe the event. Just watch what happened to George Floyd.

Live on camera, a police officer strangles a man to death while his fellow officers stare down the on-lookers as if daring them to attempt to stop them so they can add to their body count. Look at that man’s face as he soullessly drains the life out of another man.

George Floyd was being arrested for forgery—literally one of the least violent crimes ever—and while lying face down with his arms handcuffed behind him, he is slain by a white police officer who is probably proud of himself after this day.

The four police officers on the scene were fired. That’s it. A man was MURDERED in broad daylight and the murderers just hand to hand in their badge. *wipes hands clean* and that’s that. Problem solved.

Minneapolis natives took to the streets to protest this insanely apparent homicide of a black man by a white police officer. They were promptly tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets.

Earlier this month, militias stormed state buildings with rifles demanding that their states re-opened and police officers just sat there and did absolutely nothing. Citizens on Minneapolis held up signs and were yelling about the cruel strangling of George Floyd and were shot at by the police as they doubled-down on the violence.

So when riots broke out on Wednesday night, could anyone pretend to be surprised?

Let’s Fucking. GO.

Naturally, there was massive backlash because rioting is bad and looting won’t bring back George Floyd and you can put that peaceful nonsense back to your childhood Sunday school class. This is the real world where actions demand reactions.

Fuck Target. Burn it to the ground. Our leaders can put out the right sounding press release and say that the cop who murdered a man in the middle of the street should be investigated or whatever but what it all comes down to is money.

Businesses were lit on fire last night and their inventory was stolen. This is how you start change. People need to be made uncomfortable and their checking accounts need to be threatened or this will never end.

Do not let anyone tell you that these riots ‘made black people look bad’ because there is nothing black people could do to make themselves look good in the eyes of white people who think that way. That’s uh, kind of how we got to this point.

Colin Kaepernick quietly protested police brutality during the National Anthem and had the president attacking him. He was kicked out of the league and people trick him like some domestic terrorist who committed treason.

So you can’t do that.

People in Minneapolis walked the streets after George Floyd’s murder and were ATTACKED by the police with rubber bullets and tear gas.

So you can’t do that.

And now they’re ripping the city up brick-by-brick out of anger, frustration, fear and helplessness and wait a minute, what? What’s that??

Oh, would you look at that?

Violence and mayhem made our shitty leaders finally care and take action. If you want the system to change, you have to go out and make it as clear as possible how serious you are about change. We can’t all sit and send angry Tweets. Fuck that. Burn this city to the ground until that officer is brought to the guillotine. Let other cities know what happens when you allow this behavior.

And don’t tell me about the local businesses that were negatively effected and Target employees who now don’t have a job. First of all, we’re in the midst of a pandemic. Most people don’t have job. Join the fucking club.

Second, good. Now these people can’t ignore what happened to George Floyd. Your indifference is no longer acceptable. You can’t sit out this fight anymore. Pick a side, and I suggest you pick the side that’s willing to light you on fire.

If you don’t understand how corrupt and evil the police are, just look at this video.


There’s an ARMY protecting a murderer. A cop suffocated George Floyd by kneeling on his neck in the middle of the day with zero remorse and had an army protecting his house as if HE was the victim here.

This is the level of white supremacy that people don’t understand. It’s top to bottom. Do you want to know why that cop looked so calm as he murdered someone? Because he knew he’d get away with it. He knew an army would come protect him.

Burn Minneapolis to the ground. Light every building on fire until they realize they cannot kill us anymore. And rip that cop to pieces.

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