Building Muscle: How A Ve-Gan Can

Becoming a vegan is an excellent lifestyle choice. As well as consuming a more nutritious and balanced diet, you also help to save the planet. With less demand for meat, fewer emissions and pollutants are released into the air.


One downside is building muscle. Meats are packed with protein, and protein is the nutrient that repairs tissues and helps them grow. However, this isn’t to say that the process is impossible.


With a handful of simple and accessible hacks, you’ll be able to combine the moral virtues of veganism with lean muscle. Here’s what you need to know.


Eat Non-Processed Foods


Being a vegan means you eat healthy, natural produce all the time, right? Nope. You may not agree with the impact of meat, but that doesn’t mean you hate the taste. If anything, you’d love a meatless version of a burger, especially after a few cold ones. So, you turn to vegan substitutes to get your fill. Not only do they taste nothing like the real thing, but they’re full of refined sugars, saturated fats, and useless carbs. Your muscles can’t transform any of these “nutrients” into energy, which is why you’re better off with real ingredients that you can trust.


Top Up On Protein


Okay, so you’re consuming the necessary amount of protein as a vegan. Don’t fret because it isn’t the end of the world. Well, it is if you don’t want to be skinny and weak for the rest of your life. Joking. Vegans can top up on protein by making a conscious effort to slide into its DMs. Pure vegan protein powder is a powerful substitute that you can drink in the morning instead of your coffee with almond milk. These powders are packed with amino-acids before you ask. That’s how they help build muscle.

Consume More Calories


Finally, a hack you can get on board with. Yes, the easiest way to pile on lean pounds is to eat more calories. Typically, your metabolism turns food into energy that your muscles use to get swole. The problem with a plant-based diet is that it isn’t very calorific. On the flip side, your desire to wear a tank top with the veins sticking out means you can pretty much eat as much as you like to boost your calorie intake. Just avoid too many leafy vegetables. It’s an unwritten rule of the gym that you don’t let rip and stink the joint out.

Lift Heavy


You’ll only start to see changes when you increase your reps, sets, and the volume of weight. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a vegan or an alien from another planet – this is a rule. The tips above will get you into a position where you can work out harder, but you need to be smarter, too. Try deadlifts and squats to target the main muscle groups, and don’t forget about cardio. HIIT sessions work the whole body, including the core, and should help you lift more.


Are you a vegan? Good. Otherwise, this post would have been a waste of your time.


Written by Deadseriousness


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