Buffalo Bills WR Cole Beasley Just Confirmed Everything I Believed About Josh Allen

I was hard on Josh Allen prior to the 2018 NFL Draft, as everyone should have been. The kid never eclipsed 60% completion percentage playing at Wyoming. His completion was sub-50% when he was at junior college playing against future chiropractors and Phys. ed teachers.

But the second Buffalo euthanized Nathan Peterman and gave Josh Allen the keys, my man jumped behind the wheel and drove 200mph on the freeway.

A king. A god damn king.

Not only is Cole Beasley dead right when he says that Josh Allen is the best athlete at quarterback he ever played with but it also confirms why Dak Prescott never kneeled during the National Anthem and was pretty close-lipped about the whole protests a few seasons ago.

Dak is the slow white quarterback that people think Josh Allen is and Josh Allen is the quick elusive black quarterback that people think Dak Prescott is.

And who better to make that distinction than Cole Beasley, the rapper who looks like former WWF World Champion, Daniel Bryan.

When it comes to an anomaly like Josh Allen, there is no one whose opinion I trust more than Cole Beasley. These two are about to put up historic numbers together. The next Steve Young and Jerry Rice.

The Buffalo Bills are the blackest team in the NFL. They’re going undefeated and crip walking after every touchdown.

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