Bryce Harper’s Dad Definitely Beat Him Growing Up, Right?

Bryce Harper is your 2018 Home Run Derby champion in an event that was surprisingly entertaining to watch considering the field was full of players that aren’t necessarily stars but everyone went out there and hit bomb after bomb in Washington.

What makes Bryce’s victory interesting, besides that fact that he won at his home stadium and held it down for the Nationals, is that Bryce’s dad was out there throwing him his pitches.

Meet Ron Harper.

Ron Harper is never not holding a dumbbell. My god. It’s pretty cool of Bryce’s dad to take a break from his 24 hour workout regiment of tossing cars over his head to throw some batting practice pitches to his son.

But then this happened:

My man is out here throwing at his son in the middle of the Home Run Derby. He was for sure pissed that his son wasn’t hitting enough home runs and wanted to wake him up. This is just tough love.

But like, Ron Harper definitely beat Bryce, right?

Look, steroids are a hell of a drug.

Ron Harper either sits on syringes or he’s been hit with the same gamma rays that turned Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk, point is, he’s for sure punched holes through every wall in his house and probably took some swings at Bryce.

Bryce Harper was an MLB All-Star at the age of 19. I wonder what motivated Bryce to be so great so early? Perhaps it was a Joe Jackson-esque figure in his life slapping his face off his skull whenever he had a bad at-bat.

Of course Bryce Harper won the Home Run Derby. We would’ve seen Bryce nursing a black eye this weekend if he let Max Muncy eliminate him.

Ron Harper: Dad of the Year.




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