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Bryce Harper Says The New York Yankees Never Contacted Him During Free Agency Which Tells You Everything You Need To Know About The 2019 Yankees

Before I get into this, how sad was that Bryce Harper quote? “Never heard from them but everybody knew that growing up I was a huge Yankees fan”. Ouch. My man was basically staying up late staring at his phone waiting for bae to call and the phone never rang.

No wonder it took so long for Bryce to sign. He kept expecting the Yankees to come in last minute and offer him a deal. Now he’s stuck on the Phillies with his second option. It was last call at the bar and Bryce went home with the kind of cute girl who is friends with the way better-looking girl that he wanted who already went home like, two hours earlier he wasn’t paying attention.

Poor guy.

Now, this is probably all going to be hindsight considering I was not shy about my confusion as to why Brett Gardner was playing left field in the Bronx this season and Bryce Harper wasn’t.

But there’s something interesting about the idea of Brian Cashman never even reaching out one time to get a feeling of what the financials would look like. Never once pulled up his IG page and scrolled through.

That indicates something that sometimes I totally forget: The Yankees already have the best roster in Major League Baseball.

Somehow the Yankees have become underrated which is insane because they have 7 guys in their batting order that can and very well might hit 30+ home runs this season. Techinically, they have 8 players with that potential when Didi Gregorius is healthy. Fuck Troy Tulowitzki.

The only position player in baseball that I would ever admit is better than Aaron Judge is Mike Trout. Outside of Trout, there is nothing that Aaron Judge doesn’t do at an A+ level.

Add that to Giancarlo Stanton being the best power hitter in the game and there are two gigantic nuclear weapons at the top of this batting order. Miguel Andujar is a doubles machine and once he starts getting on that Luke Voit protein diet, Andujar is going to sending all of those doubles into the upper deck.

Gleyber Torres and Gary Sanchez are objectively the best in this already incredibly stacked lineup. Honestly, I can’t think of any weaknesses in Gleyber Torres’s game. Gleyber’s biggest weakness is that he has no weaknesses. And when Gary has his swag settings turned on, he’s unstoppable.

I’m going to say something here: Bryce Harper is overrated. His ability seemed to be inflated so much because he hit the free agency market while the ability of the guys already on the Yankees roster seemed to be completely diminished.

Brian Cashman knows more than we do, believe it or not. I get the feeling that he never even gave a shit that Bryce was a free agent.




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