Bryce Harper Punched a Home Run That Landed in the Bathroom

Bryce Harper is on a mission to make baseball fun again and he’s succeeding with flying colors. The season has just begun and Bryce already has 6 home runs and no home run was more exciting than the last one that landed in the Nationals bullpen latrine.

Although the Washington Nationals lost 3-2 to the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday but it’s whatever because the Nats have a 9-2 record and are running the National League East. The Miami Marlins best hitter is their hitting coach, the New York Mets are having a late season collapse in April, the Philadelphia Phillies are a AAA team and I’m pretty sure the Atlanta Braves haven’t won a game yet.

Bryce Harper is leading the Nationals straight to the World Series. Throwing out that wild prediction right now in a random article that half of the regular readers won’t even click. Pro tip: if you get a prediction wrong and no one is there to see it, it didn’t happen. Unless of course I’m right in which case I will talk about it nonstop.

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