The Brooklyn Nets Will Have a Better 2017-18 Season Than The Los Angeles Lakers

So the Los Angeles Lakers appear to be all in on Lonzo Ball as they’ve traded their current starting point guard, D’Angelo Russell, for Nets legend, Brook Lopez. Not only did the Nets get Brook Lopez for a player that would’ve taken the ball away from Lonzo[1. Oh god, this might be a pun. I apologize.] but they were able to dump the awful salary of Timofey Mozgov and also acquire another first round draft pick for this year.

Although the Brooklyn Nets hate having first round draft picks more than anything, I still believe that they will have a better season than the Los Angeles Lakers. The Brooklyn Nets have money to spend and with the Boston Celtics having their pick again next year, they have zero incentive to tank. They are going to throw cash at JJ Redick and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

If we’re comparing head coaches then I am without a doubt going with Kenny Atkinson over Luke Walton. I do not trust that Walton is a good head coach. He looked great leading Steve Kerr’s unbeatable team. He’s done nothing to prove himself in Los Angeles so far.

I also do not trust the Los Angeles Lakers young guns. Brandon Ingram is supposed to be the next big thing. People compare him to Kevin Durant. That’s stupid. Ingram scored 9 points a game last season. I know he’s only still a teenager but I think there would have been some signs of his excellence. There were none.

All I’m saying is do not be shocked if the Lakers end up at the bottom of the Western Conference again next season.




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