Brock Osweiler Casually Beat Up a Woman

Brock Osweiler emerged last season in the absence of Peyton Manning and proved he can compete in the NFL. Now he has stepped up again to prove that he’s NFL worthy by beating up a woman. Osweiler is a free agent right now and he must be fully aware that the only way to sign a major contract is to get some domestic abuse charges under your belt.

[su_quote cite=”CBS Sports” url=””]Osweiler turned toward the woman, who had just put her hand on his back, and pushed her away. He then continued toward a van when a man pushed Osweiler forcefully from behind. The man then said “What the f— you doing, dude? You trying to fight a chick? Get the f— out of here!”[/su_quote]

Looks like Brock Osweiler truly learned from the great Peyton Manning. A.B.T: Always Be Taking advantage of women. Yes, all he did was push an annoying drunk chick but if you watch the video, it was completely intentional. He turned around and recognized it was a girl and then proceeded to shove the bitch. Absolutely hilarious.

I’m not going to support hitting woman or whatever but there is nothing worse than a drunk chick at a late night pizza place. The worst breed of human possible. If anything, Brock is a hero after he stood up to injustice. Long gone are the days of bowing down to these sirens. Men can now freely stand up and stiff arm these entitled whores all night long.

Thank you, Brock for freeing us of the shackles that society has placed on men for a millennium.

Happy International Women’s Day.


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