Brian McCann Singlehandedly Saved and Ruined the 2016 New York Yankees Season Last Night

If you follow me on Twitter then you know how I feel about the 2016 season.

Frustrations are at an all time high. On Wednesday night, the Yankees needed a great outing from their ace, Tanaka, but instead he gave up 6 earned runs. Absolutely disgusting. It’s tough to watch this team when they’re down by 5 by the 6th inning.

When the bottom of the 8th inning came, Brian McCann hit a solo bomb. The Texas Rangers were still up 7-3 but there’s this crazy little thing called momentum. The Yankees had and the Rangers lost it.

After batting around a bit in the bottom of the 9th and scoring a 4th run, Brian McCann came back up to the plate with 1 out on the board. (The one out was Alex Rodriguez hitting a lineout to the second baseman because that’s what 40-year old’s do.) McCann punched out a 3-run ROCKET on the second pitch he saw from Sam Dyson and the game was tied at 7-7.

Didi Gregorius would step up and hit a 2-run walk-off homer and the New York Yankees won 9-7. The Yankees win. The Yankees win. Theeeee Yankeeees Win.

Brian McCann just saved the season.

Oh, and he just ruined it.

A losing streak was the best case scenario for the Yankees. It would force the front office to start making some trades to improve this roster. Now Brian Cashman is going to take a vacation for the next 5 weeks and stop answering phone calls from other teams because the Yankees won dramatically. Fuck.


Sidenote: How does Sam Dyson sleep at night? Last year he gave up that Jose Bautista bat flip homer. Now he threw beach balls at Brian McCann and Didi Gregorius. So. Much. Nyquil.


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