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Brett Kavanaugh Hires All Women in His Clerk Soooo *Wipes Hands Clean* Problem Solved

What Happened?

With the controversy still simmering over his Supreme Court confirmation, Brett Kavanaugh has hit the ground running — and became the first high court justice to hire all women as his law clerks.

Kavanaugh on Sunday started researching upcoming cases as the court begins the second week of its current term.

He huddled with his four female law clerks in chambers that had been occupied by Justice Samuel Alito, who moved to Justice Anthony Kennedy’s old chambers following his retirement.

(NY Post)


Brett Kavanaugh may or may not have sexually assaulted a woman when he was a teenager which apparently does not affect the Senate’s decision to make someone a Supreme Court Justice but no worries. Kavanaugh hired an all-woman staff so let’s all forget about the rape stuff.

Nothing to see here. Just a 53-year old sociopath who has gotten exactly what he’s wanted his entire life and just got the most important job that he knows he did not deserve. Perfect time for him to realize his past wrong-doings and completely change his relationship with women. I totally believe it.

Oh, THIS is why we keep giving rich entitled white men second, third and fourth chances. Because someday they are going to hire like, 5 women to essentially be his personal assistants. Who knows what these women’s life what be like if Kavanaugh wasn’t a Supreme Court Justice? What a hero.

How soon until we’re reading a story about Brett Kavanaugh harassing these women? 24 hours? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s giving them unwanted back massages right this second as he yells in their ear about his drinking habits.

Sexism has been fixed. Thank you, Brett.




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