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Brett Favre is Defending Eli Manning So I Guess I Have To Defend Eli Manning Too

What Happened?

“The way he plays the game has not changed,” Favre said on Sirius XM Radio. “You have to protect him. He’s not going to win with his feet. Every once in a while he may scramble, but he is what he is. When you can protect him, he’s really good. I think his demeanor, personality, and physical attributes really haven’t changed. I think it’s up to the team to provide him, and I know that they’ve tried their best, to provide him with adequate protection. You have to figure out a way to protect the guy. You can’t say alright Eli now we expect you to move around and make plays because we don’t think we can protect you well.”



I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life defending Eli Manning from all criticisms. This season, however, that 15 year honeymoon has come to an end as it’s become more clear now than ever that he’s WASHED.

But if my captain, Brett Favre, thinks the problem is the offensive line then I guess the problem is the offensive line. I get what Favre and everyone is saying. It’s impossible for a quarterback to have success when he has no time in the pocket.


You mean that Eli Manning’s offensive line is doing just fine and they are being used as an excuse because for some reason, football writers and media members refuse to acknowledge that the problem with the Giants offense isn’t the offensive line but the quarterback that sucks?


It’s almost as if Eli’s main focus is just getting completed passes and that’s it. His current completion percentage is 74.2% which is a career high. But he’s only averaging 7.0 yards per attempt which is embarrassingly low.

Eli isn’t missing Odell down the field because he doesn’t have time due to a bad offensive line. Odell is one of the fastest receivers in the league. He doesn’t need that much time to be 30 yards downfield.

No, Eli isn’t throwing the ball downfield because he is a coward who is padding his stats to get that Hall of Fame bust ready. No turnovers and a career-high completion percentage just means that Eli isn’t taking any risks which is why the Giants can’t score. It’s 3rd and long Eli, throw past the fucking first down marker.

I’m sorry for disagreeing, Mr. Favre. You are still the GOAT.



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