Brett Favre Auditioned To Be The Monday Night Football Analyst (He Sucked and Didn’t Get The Job)

Monday Night Football is looking to replace Jon Gruden who has left the play-by-play booth to go lead the Oakland Raiders to a probably 7-9 season. Now ESPN is on the desperate search to replace his passion, energy and enthusiasm.

Enter Brett Favre.

Andddd he’s gone. Apparently, Favre was trash during his audition and did not get a call back which is the least surprising news of the year. Brett Favre was one of the greatest football players ever. Personally, I think he’s the best quarterback to ever lead an NFL team to a Super Bowl.

But at no point did he ever appear to have ever watched film in his career. Favre was never the type of guy who ‘read the defense’. He was more from the Uncle Rico school of quarterbacking where he was going to make you watch him throw a football over them mountains.

Favre should be on a ranch alone somewhere chopping wood for unknown reasons and drinking cow’s milk straight from the utter like Luke Skywalker. We should never see or hear from again to the point where we all question whether or not he ever actually existed like the Mandela Effect.

Although, it would be hilarious to have him on the Monday Night broadcast just sitting there silently with absolutely nothing interesting to add to the commentary. My man is a 3-time NFL MVP. He is second all-time in passing yards and touchdowns. Anddd he’s the last person I want to listen to on Monday Night mumble to himself about how much he hates Aaron Rodgers or how much he loves Jenn Sterger.






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