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Bret Stephens, Known Bed Bug, Is Acting Like a Real Bed Bug Right Now

Bret Stephens is an awful writer for the New York Times, which I know is a redundant statement, who is most famous for writing the worst op-ed’s promoting racism, Islamophobia, rape culture and complaining about ‘kids these days’ and people being too sensitive.

So naturally, the ‘man’ who constantly writes about how others should live their lives has the thinnest skin on planet Earth as he’s now been driven off Twitter after randomly picking a fight with a college professor for no reason.

Dave Karpf called Bret Stephens a bedbug. It had zero retweets and the Tweet essentially was ignored. Bret Stephens searched his own name and proceeded to snitch on Karpf to his boss clearly attempting to get him fired.

People like Bret Stephens constantly cry about ‘freedom of speech’ when they write shitty racist editorials that everyone hates and the second someone uses that freedom of speech to call him a bed bug, he runs to speak to a manager.

Oh, and now he’s on television being a little bed bug:

Twitter is suuuuch an evil place. I mean, it’s totally dope when you’re the one talking shit but once someone calls you a bedbug, then Twitter needs to be shut down and everyone on it is poison.

People who complain about ‘outrage culture’ are frequently the most outraged about everything all the time. Whether it’s Colin Kaepernick kneeling or LeBron James cheering too hard at his son’s basketball game, everyone hates sensitive people until they are under the microscope and are revealed to be the most sensitive people themselves.

Bret Stephens is a bed bug. I cannot stress that enough.

And the New York Times needs to stop giving voices to Nazi Sympathizers and Bed Bugs.

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