Breaking News: Meryl Streep is a Dumb Bitch

So every actor and actress is coming out of the woodwork to talk about the Oscar’s complete lack of diversity. It’s as if all of these actors are just discovering racism for the first time and we’re witnessing their live reactions and interpretations.

Well, Meryl Streep stepped up to the plate next and said the wildest shit so far. Many people consider Streep to be one of the greatest actresses of a generation. I have no real opinion of her but now that she’s throwing around hot takes, I have to address it.


[su_quote cite=”USA Today” url=””]The jury for the acclaimed festival is made up of entirely white panelists, and when asked about that by reporters on Thursday, Streep brushed off the question, saying, “we’re all Africans really,” reports the Associated Press.[/su_quote]

Meryl Streep, you dumb bitch. The fuck are you talking about? What is going on? Why is no one capable of just saying ‘hey, it’s kind of weird that there are no black people in movies. Perhaps there should be more black people in movies.’ That would be the perfect sound bite but nope, Meryl Streep is a dumb bitch.

We’re all Africans? Really? You’re going to bring Pangea into this conversation? At first, I thought we were discussing a lack of diversity but it turns out there’s a real problem out there. No one’s remembering that we’re all descendants of the original humans in Africa thus making us all black. Thank you, Meryl.

Saying we’re all African in a debate about race is like saying ‘well we’re all on the gay spectrum somewhere’, to somehow defend your hard stance against gay marriage.

I don’t know what’s worse. Stacey Dash saying that everyone is American so there shouldn’t be a Black History Month or Meryl Streep saying we’re all African. What is happening? We’re under attack on all sides. Beyonce can’t even dance anymore without people having hot takes about race.

New rule: no one can talk about race for at least like, 4 weeks. Everyone is in timeout. Let’s use these 4 weeks to formulate some well researched and thought out opinions. Come back in a month smarter and stronger than ever.



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